It is important to examine these types of photographs carefully. People are quick to
say that we simply see what our minds want us to see. They call this visual matrixing.
Yet as we examine these types of photographs closely it is undeniable that some of
these orbs contain entities. They have faces and express emotion. They appear in
clusters at times.                               They vary in color

There are several different types. I am not going to pretend that I know all there is
to know about orbs. As I learn things I will update this section............
If you take your digital camera out to your garage and take some photos. Chances are
you are going to get pictures of Orbs in your Photograph. Many times this is simply
Dust in front of the lens as you snap the picture. This is an example of dust Orbs.      
                 That does not discount however, the existence of true spirit orbs; they  
                 ARE everywhere. It IS some kind of energy. Whether or not it is what  
                 we become when we die, I do not know. I do not pretend to be an        
                 expert in this field. I do not believe ANYONE is. Orbs however, DO
exist. They come in a variety of colors and intensities.  I have found some with some
Orbs,..They are Common and are everywhere. They are captured by thousands of people in
their photographs. If this Photo was taken in the middle of a graveyard. Some would claim
that this was spirit energy. In this case, most likely not. This is an anomaly of digital
cameras. They can fool us                  This is just moisture.    

  Some people feel that Orb Photographs cannot be trusted as examples    
  of paranormal activity. That they should be dismissed as many common
  things mimic spirit orbs.              

Spirit orbs do exist. They possess energy and glow when in an excited state. These are
examples of spirit energy.

They do have a membrane, Like a
cell. Encasing what I call Plasma.
The first types of orbs I came in contact with were what I call ball bearing orbs.
The photo above is an example of this type of orb. I believe that they move so
rapidly we are unable to see them in our environment. In bright daylight they
appear solid, like a ball bearing. This orb is reflected in the gravestone below it.
You can see more examples of these types of orbs on our
Graveyards page. In
low level light I believe they glow with the energy they possess. I also believe
they are able to move from our environment to another. Through a portal of some
kind. Sure, now you really think I am nuts. Imagine how I felt when I first
captured these things with my camera. I thought I had entered the Twilight
Zone. The fact is they DO exist and are all around us everyday.
This I believe to be the same type of orb. It is however in a state
that causes it to glow. I                 have 3 photos of this window
this is the only shot that                 has this glowing round object.
Now look upwards and to                 the right of the orb, See the spirit energy,
the face of what? I do not know. Most likely what my mind chooses to see.
This orb appears to have a face within, looking at
me as I take this photo. Perhaps he IS trapped
within. Perhaps it is just me, and what I think I see.